Summary (Max 280 characters)How Can We Close The Income & Wealth Gap?
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There’s a lot of discussion about income inequality but income inequality is not just a financial issue. We usually think that the advantage of being wealthy is the ability to buy nice things that make life more comfortable or enjoyable. But recent advances in technology will soon make it possible for rich people to buy something that’s potentially much important than a nice house.

Soon, rich people will be able to buy brain implants that will improve their cognitive ability and exoskeletons that will improve their physical ability so they won’t just be wealthier, they will be physically and mentally more advanced.

It’s one thing to have a society where the only advantage of being wealthy is the ability to buy luxury products. It’s a whole other thing where the advantage of wealth allows those people to become more advanced humans. These advantages will be passed on their children and the gap between the rich and poor with increase and accelerate.