What is ‘I Imagine’?

It’s a platform for entrepreneurs that want to develop ideas, create a team, raise capital and, most importantly, promote their business, and get new customers for their business.
I Imagine provides a combination of tools and a community that makes it all possible. Take a look at everything that you can do on I Imagine below.

Social Network For Business

A different kind of social network. Instead of ‘cold contacting’ people, just check some boxes that match your objectives and let the algorithm find people that meet your criteria and actually want to connect with you.

Use it to find referral partners, promote your brand to the social followers of another business, find co-founders, raise capital, or find sponsors for events.

Develop Ideas

Use a problem/solution framework to develop the best ideas for solving any problem. 
Create a free listing and outline a problem then invite friends, followers, associates or the public to submit their ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people. The best ideas bubble to the top.
Improve your products or solve the world’s biggest (or smallest) problems. Solving problems (literally) makes the world better!


The Canvas is an advanced ‘Vision Board’ and ‘Goal Management’ system that will help you stay focused on the things that matter most.

It can be updated daily with a few clicks to make sure you optimize each day. 

And it’s FREE!


The Lifewall is your life broken down into 21 elements – all on one screen. You can rate each element on a scale of 1 -10 (all according to you and what you want for your own life).

The result will be a visual representation of what you are doing well and not so well (all according to you). You can use this information to set new goals and adjust your Canvas accordingly.

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